TSP Folio is a product of Tilden Research LLC, whose founders are independent financial research and technology providers. We develop quantitative investment strategies and technology for professional money managers, and for our own investment purposes. TSP Folio was born out of our personal needs. When we were asked to manage a family member’s TSP retirement portfolio, we looked around for a suitable investment strategy. We didn’t find any that met our requirements, so we applied our investment knowledge and technology to create one. We soon realized that our TSP strategy had the potential to serve more than just our personal investment purposes. The result of our efforts is TSP Folio.

Part of our mission is investor education. The 2008-2009 financial crisis wreaked havoc on many investors’ portfolios, and the financial services industry suffered its greatest crisis in generations. It’s hardly surprising that many investors no longer trust the industry or the markets. We sincerely hope that TSP Folio will help to move your investment experience out of the realm of fear, frustration, and stress, and into the realm of confidence and peace!