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Sample Report

Here’s an example of what these TSP fund reports look like:

TSP Investment FundsG FundF FundC FundS FundI Fund
Current Price (6/19/2019)16.186219.181142.378552.277130.1458
Change Today0.01%0.25%0.30%0.44%0.84%
YTD Return1.21%5.72%17.87%18.87%12.85%
1-Year Return2.84%7.82%8.07%-0.99%0.05%
5-Year Annualized Return2.30%3.27%10.63%8.06%2.14%
10-Year Annualized Return2.29%4.22%14.66%14.84%7.10%

TSP Lifecycle Funds
L Income
L 2020
L 2030
L 2040
L 2050
Current Price (6/19/2019)20.564828.334832.723635.735420.7406
Change Today0.13%0.16%0.33%0.39%0.44%
YTD Return4.44%5.75%10.42%12.23%13.77%
1-Year Return3.63%3.61%4.16%4.23%4.21%
5-Year Annualized Return3.62%4.54%5.86%6.42%6.84%

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